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#WhatImGiving.....To The Foodie

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A few years ago I stumbled across a Nutella popup offering to customize labels, and of course I couldn't resist. To this day these remain the only chocolate treats left unopened in the house! Of course I picked up some gift labels at the same time, because who can resist personalized food?

Which got me thinking recently when preparing a gift for a friend's 40th. Although food is consumable - here today, gone tomorrow - it's a fun and easy way to personalize a gift and pair it with something that will last, making the whole gift sentiment stay present for longer.

So for the foodie in your life, why don't you...

...pair a beautiful handmade dish (food safe!) with a chocolate cookbook; include a personalized chocolate bar to welcome them to the "dark side" of a milestone birthday.



...add a custom label to a honey bear to let them know how sweet they make your life, packaging it with a bee-themed tea towel or honey pot.


...match a fiery cookbook with a jar of salsa that thanks them for being a spicy host.  



What's your favorite way to personalize gifts, food or otherwise - how do you create a gift that stays present?


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