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Kids' Thank You Cards - 5 Adorable Alternatives to the Traditional "Thank You"

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After a birthday—or any event that results in gifts for your little one—many parents find themselves staring at a pile of “Thank You” Cards, hand already sore after writing several, generic messages. While a sweet idea, these cards don’t always capture just how grateful parents are when someone goes out of their way to make their child feel special, and they don’t give a child the opportunity to say, “Thank you,” too! After all, they’ll be using the gift the most, but they may not be old enough to write just yet.

Here are 5 great alternatives to traditional “Thank You” Cards that’ll get children 5 and younger in on the gratitude, and teach them the importance of thankfulness early on!

1. Say it on Tape

In today’s world, it’s become easier and easier to document our lives as they happen. So, instead of a card, we suggest making a short video for each of your guests, starring your child and the gift they’re feeling so grateful for! For example, if your sister gave your three-year-old son his first miniature basketball, shoot a video of him bouncing the soft ball and saying, “Thank you!”

A video of your little one actually using the gift in some way—even if it’s an infant playing with a mobile—will show the gifter that you truly appreciate the present, and that it’ll go to good use.

2. Take a Photo

Similarly, you can snap a photo instead—and get creative! Take a picture of your little one using, wearing or playing with the gift, and send it to the gifter in a fun, creative way. Take a shot of your toddler enjoying their new Rock and Play, and create your own, unique “Thank you!”

There are many apps and websites that allow you to create a digital card, or even print out a postcard to send in the mail. With a sincere, short note of thanks from you and your partner, a photo keepsake of your child using the gift your loved one hand-picked for them will go a long way.

3. Get Crafty

Is your pre-kindergartner already creating macaroni art? Do they like to draw? What about watercolors? Stamps? Stickers? There are a million different ways for you and your child to create your very own “card” in a way that is completely unique to you and the loved one you’re feeling thankful for!

So, whether your child does the drawing, or you simply help them put their handprints on a sheet of paper to create a unique work of art, you can give thanks and give love in a way that’s inimitably you.

4. Say it With a Homemade Gift

Speaking of getting crafty, you can take it a step further than a creative card of your own, if you’ve got a imaginative toddler on your hands. You and your kiddo can sit together and make a little something special for their gifter, like a coaster made of photos from the party or a photo frame with a picture of them and your little one.

Nothing says, “Thank you!” like a memento they can cherish forever, and even show your child when they’re all grown up.

5. Make a Call

Here in the digital age, there’s one obvious alternative to sending a letter: Pick up the phone! Sitting down with your toddler and calling all of their loved ones—whether on one day, or over the course of a weekend—is a fantastic way to teach them the importance of saying, “Thank you,” and to let them get some practice in!

Try asking them to say what they’re thanking them for, and how they’re going to use it. It’s a great teaching opportunity, and a bonding exercise, too.

No matter how you say it, just make sure you do. Here at Gifted and Present, we’re passionate about showing love and appreciation through gifts that are memorable, fun, and practical. Give your loved ones memories that will last a lifetime with gifts that will touch their hearts.

And looking for someone to send a gift your way? Check out our selection of gifts for ages 3-5.

Give a gift. Be present.


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