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How to Give a Gift

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Giving a meaningful gift is not always easy; even more difficult is coming up with an idea at the last minute (which, lets face it, happens more than we would like). I used to find the process frustrating instead enjoyable, as it should be - until I adopted a simple gifting mantra to make my life easier.

Be Prepared. Be Personal. Be Prompt.

Be Prepared.

I'm not the type of person that can think of an idea at the snap of my fingers, which is why I am constantly listening for clues. Everyone mentions - consciously or not - what they are interested in. A new shop they discovered. A new food or restaurant they tried. A place they want to visit.

When a friend casually picked up a book on our last shopping trip, mentioning how nostalgic she was for her vacation to the Amalfi Coast, I knew her next gift would be something to do with that tidbit. And I made a note of it to reference when the time came.

Be Personal.

If you prepare by listening, you are bound to come up with a personalized gift idea. But then think - how can you put a unique spin on it, take something ready-made and make it into even more special?

My husband and I had our first date at Public, a Manhattan restaurant that has a memorable design aesthetic they use in everything from their menus to the small bars of soap in the restroom. The soap became a running joke between us, and to this day we go back every year on our anniversary.

Based on this, what you see in the photo above is #WhatIAmGiving for our anniversary - a memory box of all of the pieces of Public that we have collected over the years. Not only does it make something special out of ubiquitous keepsakes, looking at it will always remind us of that first date.

Be Prompt.

What's worst than having to send a belated card and gift? The guilt! If you prepare to come up with something personal, you can't help but be prompt - well done, you!

Keep your calendar marked with important gift-giving dates for the year, keep your ears open for ideas and if all else fails - keep in touch with Gifted & Present. Whether you need to send one of our curated gifts or want help sourcing a personal gift of your very own, we are here to help!


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