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"Because from near or far, the right gift keeps on giving long after it's opened."

I love giving thoughtful gifts to friends & family, but giving to those who live far away was a challenge. There was never the time to curate a meaningful gift, wrap it and ship it - I knew there had to be a better way! The final straw was when I sent a gift so late the recipient had grown out of it - and from that experience Gifted & Present was born!

But the impetus behind G&P is twofold; not only does it allow me to share my ideas about thoughtful gift-giving, but launching it has also given me the flexibility to give my children the best gift of all - my involvement in their lives. I've become a mompreneur, if you will: part-entrepreneur/part-mom and fully engaged in both.

Through this blog I will share my ideas regarding both aspects of the site:

  • Thoughtful ways you can stay present in your loved ones' lives through gifts, whether you buy them from G&P or craft them yourself
  • The challenges of mompreneurship, as well as profiles of others like me who are making it work

It needs to be said that I have not started this journey alone - I have to give credit to the team who have helped me put this site together:

Please check back often to see what we have in store for you!


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