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#WhatI'mGiving.........To The Girls

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It will be a quick one today as I am off to Miami for a girls' weekend. It's been in the works for what feels like forever, but we are finally here!

What I'm giving this week are welcome gifts. When traveling with friends, particularly when we are all coming from different places, I like to greet everyone with a token to celebrate what we'll be doing. In this case - trashy beach-reading magazines, self tanner, facial masks and lip gloss for everyone (in a Gifted & Present bag, of course!)

Welcome gifts don't have to be expensive - and there really isn't an occasion that doesn't lend itself to a little "hello" grab bag:

  • Wellness weekend: Mineral water, travel-sized essential oils and a book of inspirational quotes.
  • Summer camping: A bottle of locally-brewed beer, artisanal bug spray and a s'more-flavored cake pop
  • Girl's weekend: Mini bottles of champagne with fun straws, bling-y costume jewelry and some flashy sunglasses

Have a specific event but stumped as to what to include? Keep in touch with Gifted & Present - whether you need help sourcing goodies or just need some inspiration, we are here to help!

See you all next week - we are off to the beach!


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