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#WhatI'mGiving.........To My Best Friend

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As relationships grow and - let's face it - we all get older, buying a just-right gift sometimes becomes harder vs. easier. Case-in-point some of my favorite excuses:

  • "They have everything!"
  • "I've used up all of my ideas over the last 15 years!"
  • "We know each other so well, there's nothing I can surprise her with!"

All of the above are valid - but what about something you can't buy? Let me tell you a story........

I made the move to NYC way back when you could still smoke in eating & drinking establishments (shocking!) Thinking I would only be here a short time, I had the habit of collecting something everywhere I went as a memory; in the case of bars & restaurants, these memories usually manifested as matchbooks.

Flash forward 15 years later and I have bags of matchbooks that I don't have a need for, and yet can't part with. What to do? As you may have guessed, I've taken these snippets of memories and displayed them in a glass cloche, allowing me to remember all of the places I visited in my first year as a New Yorker. I even rotate the view from time to time to conjure new memories.

Back to the birthday present conundrum - you say you know a friend too well to surprise them? What about tapping into those relationship memories and funneling them into something physical? Some of my favorite interpretations of the matchbook-in-cloche idea are:

  • Go to school together? Matchbooks from your favorite haunts in college.
  • Memorializing a big trip? Save the corks from opened wine bottles, or something natural that represents where you were (for example, shells or pinecones)
  • Are they a voracious reader? Position a favorite book inside a cloche, opened to a key passage
  • Childhood friend? Take the pieces from that board game you played every day and stack them up

Whatever you include will definitely NOT be something they already have, and will certainly reflect the fact that you know each other so well. Because the better you know someone, the more personal a gift should be. 

And when you are looking for objects to use, keep in touch with Gifted & PresentWhether you need help sourcing those mementos or just need some inspiration, we are here to help!


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