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#WhatI'mGiving.........To Set in Stone

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One recurring theme you'll see in my gifting advice is how to turn "common" objects into a special memento to make the perfect gift (see here and here), and what you see above is another example. 

When we got married, my husband and I agonized over the design of the invitation colors and style - eventually taking inspiration from the swirls on my beloved "squirrel bag." So when all was said and done, the last thing we wanted to do was put the leftover invites in the back of the closet never to be seen again.

Framing didn't seem special enough to keep the invite front-and-center - we wanted a memory on another level. Luckily I had read about Kaas Glassworks, where we were able to have the invitation decoupaged into a dish. It now lives on the wall of our bedroom as a constant reminder of our wedding day.

Not exactly "set in stone" like the title of this article, but you get the idea -  what I'm giving is a simple piece of paper made into a more permanent memory. Although only about 15% of weddings take place in November & December, these months account for 150% of annual gift-giving (yes, I made that number up). Which means there is ample opportunity to use decoupage to create a meaningful gift for someone this holiday season:

  • Using their baby or moving announcement - celebrate milestones that have occurred over the past year
  • A family's holiday card - either current or vintage (I would do one of my family's from the 80's for my parents)
  • A child's drawing - perfect for the grandparents

Tell us below - what would you decoupage as a "just right" gift? Have you ever given a decoupage gift, and if so what was the occasion?

And when you are looking for objects to use, keep in touch with Gifted & PresentWhether you need help sourcing those mementos or just need some inspiration, we are here to help!


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